The word ‘champion’ was ringing in my mind and thought what would be the best message for expats. I will use Challenges to connect you with the theme.

One cannot run away from the dimension of challenges whether at home or whilst abroad. To see things objectively and to use challenges as opportunities is how every successful people like Usain Bolt have taught us. I am always thrilled how he used to subject his body to severe training making him the world’s fastest sprinter.

Amidst the stress and distress lies opportunities to use it as a spring board to catapult one to the next higher level. Even how the world renown Colonel Sanders who founded Kentucky Fried Chicken who only began his enterprise only at the age of 40. He did not despise the challenges he had to face when his father died when he was at the tender age of 6. He took the challenges of feeding his siblings and getting into all sorts of jobs when he was only 10 years old built in him the ingredients of becoming a champion.

You see great people were made through the ‘school’ called challenges. What challenges are you faced with today? Do you feel isolated in a foreign land? Its about time you contacted your embassy or your fellow countrymen and set your course towards becoming the CHAMPION you have always been.

George Varughese, Posted on 5 July 2016, 1040 Last updated on  5 July 2016, 1500 #translationsmalaysia


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