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We are a one stop solution geared up to partner with clients to meet their ever increasing needs in language translation.

This is a testimonial by a student from Yemen applying for visa from Malaysia to pursue dentistry in Ukraine. We assisted him in his application to the Ukraine Embassy in Malaysia by producing certified translation of his private documents as required by the said embassy. We wish him success in his 5 year studies to serve his county well!

Why You Should Engage Wawasan Destiny Translations PLT
  1. We are accredited by the Government of Malaysia.
  2. Our translation is accurately translated and passes stringent quality control prior to finalisation.
  3. Our translation is certified by Government-appointed officers.
  4. We provide additional service to:
    1. legalise document through notary public lawyers
    2. verify documents at Wisma Putra
    3. deliver these documents to client if requested

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