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What is Certified Translation in Malaysia?

The author who is Certified Translator in Malaysia attempts to explain the different types of certified translation for use by Expats in Malaysia. As a rule of thumb, prior to engaging a translator or translation company, an Expat needs to ascertain the type of transition that is required by the requesting parties whether if general certified translation…

Wawasan Destiny Translations – The choice of businesses

Corporations, SMEs and enterprises have come a long way to understand the need of diversifying their products and services to different markets segments. A crucial factor which is the connector is ‘language’. Language has its magic to penetrate the soul that governs the buying behaviour of the masses. We live today in a global village…


The word ‘champion’ was ringing in my mind and thought what would be the best message for expats. I will use Challenges to connect you with the theme. One cannot run away from the dimension of challenges whether at home or whilst abroad. To see things objectively and to use challenges as opportunities is how…

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The time is now

As the saying goes, procrastination is the thief of time.  ‘Prov. If you put off doing what you ought to do, you will end up not having enough time to do it properly.’ From Its called perspective when one begins the process of goalsetting to focus for the one thing he or she has…

Happy Sunday

The real challenge for an Expat living in a place not called home can be a quite a struggle. To strike an equilibrium with new surroundings amidst different social and political contexts, Expats must pursue real life! This comes from having a healthy lifestyle and sufficient rest. Happy Sunday! George Varughese, Posted on July 3, 2016 #translationsmalaysia

Croatian Biscuits in Malaysia

Good news to Croats in Malaysia! Yummy. Napolitanke Kraš / Kraš Wafer Gaufrette from Croatia is now available in Malaysians stores. This articles has been extracted from   George Varughese, Posted on 2 July 2016, #translationsmalaysia

Are you an Expat in Malaysia?

As an expatriate, localize yourself quickly with help from Wawasan Destiny Translations, your trusted solution for certified translation in over 50 languages, ready for use both by embassies (outbound) and Malaysian government authorities (inbound). Posted on 30 June 2016, #translationsmalaysia