Expats, Welcome to Malaysia and Salam 1Malaysia.


TRANSLATIONS MALAYSIA is the branding of Wawasan Destiny Translations PLT  to provide Certified Translation for expatriates and superior translation services for business community in Malaysia. 

Wawasan Destiny Translations PLT provides translations in over 50 global language. Registered in Malaysia under the Limited Liability Partnerships Acts 2012, serves the regional and global markets with high quality multilingual solutions for diverse industries.

Wawasan Destiny Translations PLT works closely with its partners and clients to bridge cross-border communication barriers and thereby ensuring  effective communications across different business environments and fields.

Professionalism, creativity and integrity are the hallmarks of its work.


Exceeding expectations by providing accurate translations and strengthening long-term relationship with its partners and clients.


To be an international solution provider and contribute to global economic development with superior quality solutions and services.


Armed with excellence in communication solutions, with quality, speed and accuracy in over 50 global language. Passionate of developing strong relationships with its clients in providing solutions for their needs.


Wawasan Destiny Translations PLT (WDT) provides Certified Translation for various genres of documents for Expats for all major languages to English or Malay for inbound use at Malaysian government agencies such as:

1.Corporate documents

  • agreement
  • title deeds

2.Certificates and diplomas

  • marriage certificate
  • divorce certificate
  • birth certificate
  • transcripts of university
  • diploma and degree

3.Statutory documents such as

  • salary statements
  • credit card statements
  • bank passbook statements
  • income tax statements
  • financial statements
  • utility bills

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