Croatian Biscuits in Malaysia

Good news to Croats in Malaysia! Yummy. Napolitanke Kraš / Kraš Wafer Gaufrette from Croatia is now available in Malaysians stores. This articles has been extracted from   George Varughese, Posted on 2 July 2016, #translationsmalaysia

Are you an Expat in Malaysia?

As an expatriate, localize yourself quickly with help from Wawasan Destiny Translations, your trusted solution for certified translation in over 50 languages, ready for use both by embassies (outbound) and Malaysian government authorities (inbound). Posted on 30 June 2016, #translationsmalaysia

Peace of mind

Process and Quality Control are the 2 (two) key words that governs the production of every orders at Wawasan Destiny Translations PLT. These ensures happy clients to keep coming back and to refer others to the same memorable experience. It is vital for Expats to receive personalised, professional and reliable service such as to ensure the privacy of documents…

Can you depend on translators?

The answer is YES, provided you find the right one. Wawasan Destiny Translations (WDT) is a widely sought-after translation company by expats in Malaysia who find them versatile and highly reliable. The translation market in Malaysia and across the world is heavily saturated with translators who can “deliver” but the question always remains – Can…

Becoming a local quickly anywhere in the world

Before arriving in Kuala Lumpur, ask your embassy for the contact number of a reliable multi-lingual translator. Each year, millions of people around the world move to new countries for various reasons, such as a new job, new business venture, further education or long-term medical care. When you arrive in a new country, there are…