Our Certified Translation service is performed by our professional translators who are accredited by the Government of Malaysia. The translation will be verified with Certified True Translation Stamp by government-appointed officers.

Documents requiring certification will first be translated by accredited native translators as confirmed by clients prior to certification. All documents translated by WDT and certified by the Malaysian Translator Association (MTA) are recognised for official use by all Malaysian Government agencies, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Wisma Putra), courts, embassies and high commissions.

We provide certified translation for various types of documents including:

  • Corporate documents
  • Birth Certificate
  • Education Diploma
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Pay Slip
  • Salary Statement
  • Bank Statement
  • Agreement
  • Medical Report
  • Police Report
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
  • Professional Practicing Licence
  • COVID-19 Travel Pass
  • Death Certificate
  • Court Order
  • Reports
  • Financial Statement
  • Income Tax Statement

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