Our Interpretation service is performed by qualified and experienced professional interpreters. We aim to facilitate the smoothness of your meeting proceedings and interactions that involve multiple nationalities and languages.

Consecutive Interpretation

  • The interpreter provides spoken translation once the source language speaker has finished speaking.
  • The speech is divided into segments, and the interpreter sits or stands beside the source language speaker, listening and taking notes as the speaker progresses through the message.
  • When the speaker pauses or finishes speaking, the interpreter delivers part of, or the whole message in the target language.

Simultaneous Interpretation

  • The interpreter delivers the message in the target language while the source language speaker is speaking.
  • The interpreter, seated in a sound-proof booth, speaks into a microphone, while clearly seeing and hearing the source language speaker using earphones.
  • The simultaneous interpretation is delivered to the target language listeners through their earphones.

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